Compaq PC Bundle Packaging

We developed an efficient packaging structure, artwork and label strategy for the Compaq Desktop PC bundles product line.

The challenge

John Giannotti and the Compaq team wanted to make an impact with the brand on shelf presence and leverage box sizes. They were faced with the challenge of a tight budget and supplying eye catching design on shelf in a number of regions across the globe. Some regions had smaller budgets and/or did not want the expense of photos, while others needed the visual impact of a photo in club stores.

Over 25 different packages

Each Compaq PC bundle required an individual dieline and artwork
design for it’s package. In addition, the same PC bundle often needed an alternate artwork design for each region. This resulted in a large number of box designs, making it difficult to leverage artwork and labels.

Our solution

After reviewing the needs of the team and each regional request, we reduced the number of box dielines from 20+ to three (that’s over 80%!). We standardized the box artwork (content, photos, icons) to leverage across all sizes and regions. We also developed a successful label strategy that could be applied to each sku and it’s specific features. Other key developments included multi-panel display and cost saving and environmentally friendly box materials.

Down to 3 packages

We developed a plan for three efficient box sizes, to handle all PC+Monitor combinations. This eliminated over 15 package structures.

World wide base graphics

We simplified the content and graphics on the base box to satisfy all regions’ minimum requirements. The base box could be used as a low-cost option for any region.

Efficient labels

We designed a label strategy featuring full color photography and SKU-specific details to fulfill any retail store requirements. This label strategy efficiently leveraged the base box, virtually eliminating any excess boxes.

Friendly box materials

We recommended cost-saving and environmentally friendly materials for both the outer box structure and the inside product packing.

The result

Over three years, this effort saved the Compaq team development and printing (plates and designs) costs. By efficiently leveraging the labels, individual SKU development was reduced by 50% initially and nearly 80% by the second year. Ultimately, this packaging strategy resulted in Compaq’s most flexible and effective box design.

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